RBB is registered with the U.S. State Department’s ITAR program. ITAR stands for the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, which are the official controls regulating the U.S. defense industry. ITAR guidelines provide critical assurances that domestic technology used for defense and military applications is not “compromised, jeopardized, or acquired by any group not authorized by The Department of State.”

Several RBB clients must comply with the ITAR standards to certify that their intellectual property does not end up in the wrong hands. RBB maintains files proving that all our personnel are in compliance with ITAR requirements. All ITAR projects are tagged and handled as such from receipt of order through shipping. Likewise, suppliers of bare printed circuit boards and custom components for these ITAR-governed projects are verified to be ITAR registered themselves.

RBB is also compliant with EAR (Export Administration Regulations) which is regulates non-military exports by Bureau of Industry and Security.

RoHS Compliance

The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standard, originally generated by the European Union, eliminates a variety of hazardous materials from landfills. The electronics industry had always relied on the use of lead in its solder, just as the gasoline and paint industries had. Selling RoHS-covered products in the EU requires, among other things, that lead-free solders be employed.

RBB led the way in offering RoHS Compliance services long before other CMs made the commitment. In 2005, invested in training and RoHS-capable equipment, including a reflow oven and dedicated wave solder machine. To guard against potential lead contamination with non-RoHS assemblies, our parts inventories, equipment and work benches are physically segregated and routinely audited.

Today, most electronic components are RoHS-compliant even if the final assemblies do not require it. RBB actively assists those customers converting to RoHS compliance by helping to research their existing (leaded) components to secure lead-free alternatives.

We have a dedicated lead-free oven, wave and selective solder equipment, a segregated stockroom, fully trained employees, and the component engineering support you need to fully certify your RoHS assemblies.

Environmental Responsibility

RBB helps the planet by helping our clients consume only what they need. Electronic assemblies tend to change frequently, either due to market forces or engineering efforts. By ordering only what’s required in the short term, buyers can avoid costly reworking or updating of circuit assemblies sitting in their inventory and quickly rendered unusable by the latest revision.

By choosing to purchase only the devices that are necessary and then replenish as needed, buyers remain flexible to their end-users’ needs. Many RBB clients use this opportunity by customizing their electronic product designs. In today’s world, many end-users are willing to pay for customized solutions – if they can get them. By working with RBB, you can offer limitless custom electronics, even as you create new avenues of growth for business.

Each year in our industry, thousands of custom-manufactured electronic assemblies and hundreds of thousands of components are disposed of in landfills across this country and around the world, often in Third World nations that are least able to handle them. Why? Someone bought what they couldn’t ultimately consume. In most cases, the assemblies are built according to specification and there is nothing wrong with them, other than these items no longer have demand. Small batches = less waste!

RBB's environmental stewardship also includes a robust recycling program.
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