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Patti Armstrong, Customer Liaison

Patti has been a part of the RBB team for over 25 years. As a Customer Liaison, Patti is the main point of contact for all quotes and purchase orders for the clients assigned to her. Patti knows her customers well, makes sure that they are always fully informed, and anticipates issues so that orders flow smoothly through the shop.


Danielle (Dani) Fulks, Customer Liaison

RBB welcomed Dani in 2010. As a Customer Liaison, Dani’s customers love her energetic, upbeat approach to everything she touches. They know and appreciate that Dani is always alert to ways RBB can better serve their needs.


Kurt Schaefer, Sales Manager

As a vital member of the RBB Sales Team, Kurt is extremely detail-oriented and knows how to get things done in the complex world of recurring small batch assemblies. Kurt has been with RBB since 2002 and is a solid performer whose tenacity in serving his customers is outstanding.

Sammy Nixon - RBB

Sammy Nixon, Director of Sales

With 30 years at Fortune 500 companies, 20 of which were in B2B sales and call-center management, Sammy constantly innovates ways to differentiate RBB’s customer service. He strongly supports workplace diversity by mentoring future leaders and creating new avenues of opportunity for women in leadership. Sammy’s role is to capture/maximize the underserved market niche of recurring small batch electronics.

Alisha Fletcher - RBB

Alisha Fletcher, Quality Manager

Alisha brings over 10 years of experience managing quality systems to RBB. She works closely with our clients’ quality and engineering departments to anticipate and resolve assembly challenges before they become delivery problems. With extensive experience in processes of all kinds, Alisha focuses on continuous improvement to help RBB remain exceptional as The Small Batch Experts.

Amy Hart - RBB

Amy Hart, Materials & Planning Manager

Amy is a proven leader in various functions at RBB including the stockroom, inventory control, production, scheduling and procurement. Today, Amy oversees purchasing, scheduling and the Customer Centric Team Engineers.

Ross Lilley - RBB

Ross Lilley, Project Specialist

Ross has been with RBB since 1973, doing just about all there is to do with industrial technology over the years. Ross is a no-frills, hands-on guy who is intimately familiar with all aspects of panel design, assembly, installation, and test. Those who know Ross attest that there is no mountain he won’t move for our customers.


Dave Thomas, Quality Systems - Process Engineer

Dave Thomas brings over 25 years of direct engineering and client site expertise to the company. Dave is a true technical generalist who has personally led many improvement efforts in process, quality and engineering technical arenas. Process improvements and equipment rollouts are his specialty. Dave is also our Quality System Management Representative.

Micki Hendrick - RBB

Micki Hendrick, Manager of Corporate Services & Treasurer

Micki is responsible for all financial aspects of the company. Micki works directly with RBB’s outside accountants, attorney and bankers to ensure stability in cash flow, financing of capital projects, and the correct reporting of financial statements and tax returns.

Jim Tennant - RBB

Jim Tennant, President

Jim brings over 28 years of electronic manufacturing and engineering business experience to RBB. A longtime advocate of Lean and Six Sigma improvement methods, Jim leverages these skills to provide the best electronic assembly manufacturing, quality, and delivery for our recurring small batch clients. As a former RBB client himself, Jim has a unique perspective – always putting client needs first.

Bruce Hendrick - RBB

Bruce Hendrick, CEO & Owner

Bruce’s greatest accomplishment, aside from his family, has been to assemble the best-in-class team described above and get them all pointed in the same direction: serving the needs of the recurring small batch marketplace. Hendrick serves as Marketing Manager and Director of Mojo – to inspire RBB’s special environment that draws talented people who love to serve clients.


In addition to RBB, Bruce founded Building Trust, LLC to share the trust-building success from RBB to other businesses and organizations. His book, “On my Own: Recollections of an Unlikely CEO” is available on Amazon here.

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