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Dave Thomas

Recent Posts

What Makes RBB an Industrial Control Panel Expert?

What makes RBB an industrial control panel assembly expert? The benefits really stack up when your industrial control panels and electronic assemblies are built by the same expert team.

RBB has more than 45 years of experience building industrial control panels, including pneumatic and hydraulic controls, for all types of businesses. But what is the benefit to your business when you use a UL 508A certificated contract manufacturer?

Is Visual Inspection Enough When Manufacturing High-Quality PCB Electronics?

Visual Inspection and Small Batch Electronics

How can a contract manufacturer ensure that it is providing its small batch electronics manufacturing client with the highest quality product when functional testing is not an option? In an effort to reduce costs, many customers will specify that a visual inspection of their completed assembly is to be the final quality control measure prior to shipping. Some of these assemblies can be pretty complex, consisting of hundreds of surface-mount and through-hole components. Each component and its associated solder joints (or another connection method) must be examined. It requires a team of well-trained, dedicated professionals with impeccable attention to detail to successfully complete this requirement.   

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