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Kathy Leininger

Recent Posts

Keeping It Neat at a Custom Electronics Job Shop

RBB’s 6S Program

Everyone at RBB feels a responsibility for keeping our facility and everything (and everyone!) in it in good working order. We look for every possible way to ensure that the custom electronic boards that leave our facility are pristine, and have been built efficiently and exactly to our customer’s specifications. To do that, we need clean areas so we can focus on the job at hand. We need a well-maintained facility and a dedication to keeping personal spaces as neat as possible.

How Our Low Volume Electronics Job Shop Provides Customer Service

Community. Goodwill. Customer service.

Located in the heart of Ohio Amish country, sits a low volume electronics job shop, RBB Systems. You might think it a strange place for a shop that specializes in custom printed circuit boards but it’s not really. It’s an area populated with people who embody the values we look for in our employees – hard-working, reliable, trustworthy, eager to help and willing to move heaven and earth for our customers. 

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