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Our chamber tests the effects on a product over a range of temperature conditions. To better ensure customer satisfaction, the Environmental Chamber is used for various types of testing such as prototype evaluation, accelerated stress testing, reliability testing, failure analysis, and any other application where environmental stimulation is needed.

Technical Specifications:

  • The interior liner is composed of high nickel content, non-magnetic, stainless steel
  • Interior dimensions WxDxH – 6ft x 5ft x 6.5ft (195 cu. Ft.)
    Two access ports, one 8.5” x 8.5” square on right side and one 3” diameter round on left side of the chamber for instrumentation and power wiring
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant (R-404-A)
    Yearly NIST certified calibration of instrumentation


Temperature Range:

-30 °C to 100 °C


+/- 0.5 °C

Temperature Variation:

 +/- 2 °C

Typical Heating Rate:

 5 °C/min

Typical Cooling Rate:

 5 °C/min

High/Low Limit Controls

The High/Low Limit control provides protection when testing live loads (Heat dissipating products). The type T thermocouple can be placed on or near product under test. The limit control has three adjustable alarms: Alarm condition 1 sounds an audible alarm, Alarm condition 2 de-energizes product power source, and Alarm condition 3 shuts down the chamber temperature controller.

Temperature controller:

Chamber temperature is controlled using a Watlow series F4 ramping controller. The F4 controller uses cascade control to monitor the temperature energy source (heating and cooling), which is compared to the temperature at the product being tested. This allows the process or part temperature to be reached quickly while minimizing overshoot.

Up to 40 profiles with up to 256 steps into each profile, each step can be programmed with:

  • Ramp time (from .1 sec to 99 hours)
  • Ramp rate (Units per minute)
  • Soak (time from .1 sec to 99 hours)
  • Guaranteed soak (requires the actual process value to stay within the soak band)
  • PID number (one of five set of heat/cool PID parameters)
  • Wait for events (programmed inputs)

Pen Recorder

A Honeywell DR4300EV single pen circular chart recorder is used to monitor and record testing conditions. Self-printing thermal charts provide highly accurate temperature recordings, programmable for 24 hours to 7-day operation.

Standard chart pen set up


-40°C to 100°C

Major Divisions:


Minor Divisions:



To learn more about testing products in the Environmental Chamber, contact our sales team at 330-567-2906 or at sales@rbbsystems.com.

At RBB, we specialize in on-demand manufacturing of mission-critical electronic assemblies for the industrial, commercial, medical, and military sectors. RBB continues to act aggressively in securing the right balance of equipment, technology, and technical training to satisfy the unique needs of the marketplace. Find us at www.rbbsystems.com.

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