About RBB - Small Batch Electronics Manufacturer

RBB specializes in small batch circuit board assembly. Every aspect of our business is built to service customers who have high-mix, recurring, low volume circuit board needs.

How to Handle Low Volume Work Profitably

In this short video you'll learn:

  • How to lower your costs for small batch work
  • How to increase your manufacturing capacity
  • Expand your service offerings for your customers

BoxCast Testimonial

President, CEO of BoxCast, Gordon Daily, tells us why his company chose RBB as their partner for small batch electronics manufacturing needs.

Time-Lapse Panel Build

This 90-second time-lapse video shows Doug Hochstedler, RBB Panel & Mechanical Assembly Technician, building a small operation station and its main control unit.

Announcing Our New Equipment

Why spend your capital dollars when RBB has already made the investment? Watch the video to learn 4 ways this equipment helps our customers.

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