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Incomplete Designs

RBB is exclusively focused on serving the assembly needs of the electronics marketplace. Our diverse network of vetted engineering design experts keeps costs low while benefiting developers with:

  • Broader and deeper engineering capabilities than any single contract manufacturer can offer.
  • Design firm partners with specialty expertise that allow them to quickly identify and eliminate risk areas of a given design.
  • Cost savings, since you only pay for the resources you need.
  • Lower printed circuit board costs thanks to a focused factory without engineering design overhead to cover.
  • Fast and coordinated delivery of your PCB from prototyping to early production stages.

Our engineering design partners are domestic providers working with RBB under signed non-disclosure agreements. We take intellectual property matters very seriously.


Complete Designs

We help launch your new products quickly because no job is too small for us. As a company focused exclusively on recurring electronic assemblies -  prototype and early production orders are routine for RBB. We build and deliver prototypes correctly and quickly, and we never pressure the client to grow job sizes or volume levels.

Unlike traditional contract manufacturers, RBB:

  • Fits new product runs into the next open slot in the schedule, just like every other order
  • Builds any number of small runs as needed
  • Works as quickly as your innovation
  • Does not “buy” prototype business in the hopes of volume payoffs later
  • Readily adapts to product line extensions, design upgrades, and schedule changes

Electronic assembly manufacturing demands change often due to engineering efforts and market forces. By ordering only what’s required, developers can avoid costly outdated inventory. The best way to evaluate RBB’s new product capabilities is to see our optimized shop floor with your own eyes.

Contact us to schedule a visit.

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