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Labor OnlyOur labor-only assembly services require nothing from you other than part delivery. After you provide the parts for your custom PCB or industrial control panel assembly, we take it from there. And when your assemblies are ready, we return any unused parts. It’s completely headache-free and seamless.

Labor-only services are a great option if you already have a contract with an electronics and control panel supplier but need to outsource some of the electronic board assembly work. We help keep your prices down by not imposing add-on services you don’t need. Plus, we immediately audit your parts kit against your packing list for quantity shipped, quality, and identification.

To greatly improve the chances all of your assemblies are successful on their first runs, it’s important you follow these six steps before providing us with parts:

1. Make sure your bill of materials (BOM) for PCB board assembly includes:

  • Your part numbers (and any manufacturer part numbers if handy)
  • Quantities per unit
  • Reference designators
  • Part descriptions
  • Package types
  • Do-not-populate parts

2. Make sure your surface-mount technology (SMT) parts for electronic assembly have:

  • Reeled components or continuous cut tape with leaders, if possible
  • At least 20 pieces or 5% extra on passives (resistors/caps), whichever is greater
  • At least five pieces or 2% extra on actives (ICs), whichever is greater
  • One to two extra pieces on larger parts
  • Trays or tube packaging, as required
  • For more information on scrap factor - read this blog post or watch this video

3. Use original packaging and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection

4. Identify loose SMT components (requiring hand-placement)

5. Label packaging with the same part numbers indicated on your BOM

6. Indicate reference part substitutions used

Comprehensive Support

Whether you require our turnkey or labor-only services for electronic board assembly, you can rely on our responsiveness, dedication to quality, technical support, and highly specialized capabilities to deliver consistent, repeatable, and reliable results in electronic assembly services. Once an order is released to production, it’s processed efficiently with the same priority and rigor as all our jobs. It’s what makes RBB the most trusted printed circuit board assembly manufacturer in the business.

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