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RBB Makes Things Simple


"I’m just like one of you and you’re just like one of us. I just don’t feel that customer- vendor sometimes awkwardness. The people are just extremely accommodating - you guys do exactly what you say you’re going to do."

-Terri Ratcliffe, Purchasing Manager, Schenck Process

Help Us Grow

"I just want to express to you and your team how delighted I was with the build. They look and work great! I believe this product will help us grow."

-Andy Cary, Coiltek

Experts in Subject Matter

"Everybody that I’ve worked with (at RBB) is first rate, knows what they’re doing, and seems to be experts in their subject matter. I haven’t had any problems with anybody not understanding what is going on. Everyone’s been very easy to work with and really on the ball. (RBB) made the process pretty streamline.”

-Jim Lawrence, Schenck Process R&D Engineer

Gives Options

"RBB has been great communicating with me and giving me options when we were running into supply chain issues. Appreciate everything you have done!"

Well-Oiled Machine

"RBB has great leadership and a great team of people. They have always been open, honest, and operate like a well-oiled machine."

Impressive Team

“I want to express my sincere appreciation for you and your team’s efforts for our project! Last week, you really showed what you can do, impressive!! RBB has a high-quality team working on our projects."

- Marty Cormier, Purchasing Manager, TTM Technologies

Headache Relief

“You guys just saved me a large headache and got the order moving. I feel as if you did all the work. Again, thank you for your service.”

- William J. Dodds, Electrical/Product Engineer, Thomas & Betts, a Member of the ABB Group

Quality Prototypes

“I have been in the electronics business for a very long time, and I can honestly and sincerely say, these boards are hands-down the very best quality prototypes I have ever seen. The workmanship is fantastic. There have been zero problems so far.”

- C.M., Electronics Director for Major Appliance Manufacturer


“Thank you very much for working to expedite the [assembly] so it can ship today. I am very appreciative of all you and your team have done to accommodate our schedule.”

- Emilie Stone, General Manager, Methode Electronics

Quick Turnaround Time

“Just wanted to let you know that the emergency board repair was a success. Thank you guys for your efforts in completing the repair so quickly; it is much appreciated. I will be using you guys for repairs in the future!”

- Matthew Post, TC Maintenance Section Leader, Luk USA, a Schaeffler Company

Close Partners

“A big part of our success with the board sets has been our close relationship with our suppliers…RBB has been one of our very close partners during recent years.”

- Tom Vann, VP of Sales and Business Development, Visi-Trak

Attention to Detail and Legacy Expertise

“Thanks to Robert, Production, Quality Control and anyone else involved for your attention to detail in trying to make this very old valve controller a better product. RBB continues to do an outstanding job.”

- Jeff Orin, Electrical Engineer, Akron Brass Company

Responsiveness, Flexibility, and Commitment

“Meriam appreciates all your help…RBB’s execution in meeting Meriam’s expedited delivery request was paramount in Meriam achieving our customer service objectives. RBB’s responsiveness, flexibility, and commitment are the characteristics we covet from our suppliers.

We would like to highlight that not every one of our suppliers executed as well as RBB. In fact, when the dust settled, RBB was the shining star! I have spoken highly of RBB to the highest levels of our organization. We look forward to further building our relationship.”

- Michael Svec, Director of Operations, Meriam Process Technologies

Fantastic Job

“I got the seven 005868 boards so far and, despite all the bumps in the road, you guys did a fantastic job. They look great!! Thank you so much... I have a board that I am working on right now for a new project and I will make sure you have the opportunity to quote us first. Thanks again to the whole team over there!!”

- Jeff Waterman, Electrical Engineer, Lumitex, Inc.

Stress Relief

“Please accept my sincere gratitude for a job well done under more than the usual stress. You keep making us look good.”

- Bob Hunter, Hurst Technologies Corp.

Dedicated, Trusted Partners

“I have told [others] of your outstanding technical capabilities as well as your dedication to your customers—and that you’re super people to work with!”

- Dave Puterbaugh, Analog Interfaces

Superb Service

“Thanks again for all the great help you’ve provided us. RBB has provided the Desich SMART Center with a superb quality of service for our projects. My highest compliments to your professional staff and many thanks for supporting the Mechatronics program here at Lorain County Community College.”

- Johnny Vanderford, Project Engineer, Desich SMART Center, Lorain County Community College

Making it Happen

“I wanted to get back to you and the RBB team on the recent assembly effort. The boards looked great and went out this afternoon overnight. Thanks to those who helped make this happen and the courteous use of your inspection bench to aid getting them shipped out today from Wooster.”

- James Sommer, CAD Group Manager, AVID Technologies

Impressive Facility

“You have a very impressive facility and group of associates and it certainly shows in the work you do for us. Keep up the great work. Thanks again.”

- Vice President, North American Sales

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Enthusiastic Staff and Impressive Company

“It was absolutely a pleasure to visit with you and get the tour of your facilities. What a gem of a company you have! It was very impressive. On my way out, I ran into one of your young employees who had been with RBB only seven months. She was as enthusiastic as those of you who have been there a few decades. That does not happen often.”

- University Director, Ashland, Ohio

Fast, Flexible, and Customer-Focused

“Keep doing what you are doing—you are fast, flexible, and customer-focused… Thanks for the support.”

- Plant Manager, Global Electricity Management Company

Making the Impossible Possible

“I just wanted to let you know you did a really fine job building the subject systems. Everything looked good and I don’t believe there were any wiring errors. You were also very helpful during the testing phase and stuck with me through a couple of odd problems. [We are] shipping these systems four weeks ahead of schedule, something I don’t think anyone but me thought was possible. Please congratulate the team on doing an exceptional job.”

- Sr. Project Engineer, Emergency Services Firm

Timely Work

“Just in case you don't hear this from anyone else, we really appreciate the work that you and the RBB team did to make this come together in a timely manner.”

- The Genie Company, Mount Hope, Ohio

An Ideal Partnership

“RBB represents the kind of supplier that we can confidently continue to partner with in the future.”

- Aerospace Manufacturer, Cleveland, Ohio

A Great Supplier

“RBB is a great supplier to do business with…good support staff.”

- Contract Manufacturer, Atlanta, Georgia

High-Quality Products

“We’re very happy with the product we get from RBB. High quality.”

- Fire/Emergency Services Industry Leader

Performance Products

“The product performance is good…when it leaves our shop, it doesn’t come back.”

- Medical Device Manufacturer

Supplier of Choice

“We consider RBB one of our best suppliers.”

- Power Management OEM, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Precise Products

“RBB has been on the money…final board deliverable has been very nice.”

- Design Engineering Firm, Cleveland, Ohio

Quality Product and Timely Delivery

“RBB wasn’t the lowest cost but all around quality and timeliness of delivery was worth the differential.”

- Power Systems Manufacturer, Richmond, Virginia

Problem Solvers 

"I just want to thank you and your team at RBB for hustling to get us boards right on time and in quantities higher than you promised. I know we had a rough start on this order with the issues at the board house, but—since the ball has been back in RBB’s court—you guys are doing a great job. Thanks again!"

- Emilie Stone, General Manager, Methode Electronics

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