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In most contract manufacturing environments, efficiency comes from long runs on high-speed equipment. Breaking into the schedule for smaller volume needs is like asking a busy airport to clear its runways of 747s to make room for small private jets to land. It’s just not realistic.

By contrast, RBB’s shop is more like a merry-go-round at your local amusement park. Each ride is short, so as it spins, an opening is almost always available without a cost penalty. In fact, the larger jobs are also divided into smaller batches to ensure no job is delayed. Simply put, we’re built for all sizes of electronic PCB assembly.


A Breakthrough Approach to Lean Manufacturing

RBB uniquely applies lean manufacturing techniques to its recurring, high-mix environment. Constant product changeover means we must get all jobs quickly through the shop. We’ve applied custom lean processes that make our entire facility more efficient, guaranteeing your printed circuit board costs are low and delivered quickly.

Additionally, we "swarm" our people and resources to where work is heaviest within our facility—so there’s less time wasted traveling from point A to point B. We also allow ourselves the flexibility to change up “swarming” patterns if we realize additional efficiencies can be gained from reconfiguring. Capacity is further maximized through cross-training and strong internal communication. Here are some figures and facts to give you a better idea of our capacity in relation to team and facility:

  • We operate out of a 37,000-square-foot facility in Wooster, Ohio
  • Production workdays are scheduled as single shifts, 4 days (10 hours) a week (with Fridays, Saturdays, & evenings available as needed)
  • Our cross-trained workforce meets IPC standards
  • Average lead times are 7 to 10 business days after parts arrive (expediting is possible)
  • Between 180 and 250 orders are shipped each month

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