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Efficient Electronic PCB Services

We've optimized our facility to support recurring electronic assembly needs. It strategically makes everything we do more efficient, directly benefiting your PCB assembly projects.

Adaptable Manufacturing for All Sizes of PCB Assembly

Unlike typical contract manufacturers, where efficiency is tied to long production runs, RBB operates differently. Our facility is streamlined for both large-scale and small-volume electronic boards. We ensure that every job, regardless of size, is accommodated efficiently, making us a versatile partner for all your circuit board manufacturing needs.

Lean Manufacturing in High-Mix Electronic Assembly

Our approach to lean manufacturing is tailored to our high-mix, recurring electronics assembly environment. We've implemented custom lean processes across our facility, ensuring rapid yield for all jobs. The RBB approach guarantees lower costs and quicker delivery for your printed circuit board projects.


Strategically Managing Resources to Maximize Capacity

RBB uniquely applies lean manufacturing techniques to its recurring, high-mix environment. Constant product changeover means we must process jobs quickly through our facility. Application of our custom lean processes enables our team to be more efficient, guaranteeing your printed circuit board costs are low and delivered quickly.

We efficiently position our workforce and resources to the busiest areas in our facility, minimizing time spent moving between tasks. This flexible approach allows us to adapt and improve our processes for even greater efficiency. Enhanced by cross-training and effective communication, our team optimizes capacity to its fullest. Below are key statistics that illustrate our capabilities in relation to our team and facility:

  • We operate out of a 37,000-square-foot facility in Wooster, Ohio
  • Production workdays are scheduled as single shifts, 4 days (10 hours) a week (with Fridays, Saturdays, & evenings available as needed)
  • Our cross-trained workforce meets IPC standards
  • Average lead times are 7 to 10 business days after parts arrive (expediting is possible)
  • Between 180 and 250 orders are shipped each month

RBB is your reliable partner for electronic assembly services. We will precisely handle each diverse order to meet your needs.

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