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RBB Shop FloorEach PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) manufacturer is different. Some specialize in large runs, some in short. Others focus on specific industries or only do custom work. PCBA manufacturers differ in many ways—and that's bad news for someone like you looking for a reliable supplier of high-quality PCBAs in specific quantities.

We get it, and that's why we want to make sure you can easily match your needs to our services and capabilities. If any of the following daily demands or challenges speak to you, you may just be an ideal RBB client.

RBB may be the PCBA manufacturer you're looking for if...

Your Daily PCB Demands Look Something Like This

  • Your electronic assemblies are critical components of your products
  • Your assemblies require up-to-date PCBA manufacturing process and inspection capabilities
  • Your unit demand for electronic assemblies is difficult to predict
  • You purchase multiple, custom PCBAs each year in varying quantities—and at varying frequencies
  • Your custom circuit board assembly orders are important to your product delivery schedule
  • You need PCBA spare parts for your legacy products
  • You need a PCBA manufacturer that provides a "go-to" person who understands your exact needs and requirements

You Face One or More of These Issues

  • Your current supplier is a mom-and-pop PCBA manufacturer that can’t provide the professional, reliable expertise you need

  • Your current supplier's production schedule is inflexible, and they constantly move your orders to the bottom of the production list

  • You've been "fired" for having batch PCB assembly volume demands that are too low volume

  • You're forced into large last-time-buys

  • Your chief financial officer (CFO) insists you justify the large residual component invoice you just received from your current PCBA supplier

  • You have a lot of finished PCBAs in inventory—just not the ones you need right now

  • Your previous 12-month printed circuit board costs are much higher than what was forecasted and you're left thinking, "Whatever happened to that low unit price I was quoted?"

  • Every time you contact your current supplier you talk to someone new and are made to feel that either their turnover is really high or you're a nuisance to them

  • Every time you contact your current supplier, communication is like pulling teeth—without Novocaine

  • Your daily headaches have turned into nightmares ever since your supplier won a big new client

  • You need to use up the residual components your current supplier stuck you with

  • You don't receive timely notification from your supplier

  • You received a "scary big" capital expenditure quote for what it will take to build your own PCB assemblies


If you still don't know whether we're the printed circuit board assembly manufacturer you're looking for, read about who we are and what we're committed to, check out our list of PCBA manufacturing capabilities, and scan the top 10 reasons clients choose RBB.

Do you still have questions? Reach out, strike up a conversation, and relieve that headache before it becomes a migraine.

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