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Specialists in Custom Circuit Board Assembly

- Circuit Board Components Sourcing
- Small Batch PCB Assembly
- Control Panel Assembly
- Visual Inspection & Testing
- On-Time Delivery
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American made for over 45 years.

Reliable, high-quality printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) and control panels from a dependable team with unparalleled expertise.

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A Custom Circuit Board Assembly Process,
Exclusively Optimized for Short Run PCBAs

Realize the many benefits you’ll receive because of our short run control panel and PCB assembly expertise.

We get it right from the start.
Find out why.

Our dedicated staff delivers flawlessly,
on time, the first time.

Small orders in high demand is our
sweet spot.

Capabilities That Ensure We Excel at Small Batch

Each of our capabilities, whether it be a material we work with or an assembly method, guarantees we remain a leader in a very specific, but extremely important, space within electronic assembly manufacturing.

What are our batch PCB assembly process steps? We manufacture circuit boards with all standard PCB/PWB substrate materials. We also work with flex circuit, metallic, ceramic and mixed rigid/flex substrates with lead and RoHS soldering. But that’s only the beginning. View our custom circuit board assembly process flow capabilities.

Small Batch Assembly Pie Chart
We manage approximately
unique client assemblies annually
90% of our shipments are for
units or less
80% of our shipments are for
units or less
Our average shipment size is

See Our Manufacturing Team in Action and View the Manufacturing Process of Electrical Components

Custom PCB With Components Video Still
Batch PCB Video Still
Custom Circuit Board Assembly Video Still

Industries Served

Industries that need reliable, on-time, high-quality PCBA or control panel products—every time—choose RBB. We’ve been a dependable short run electronic assembly partner to a number of companies, across a variety of industries.


Medical Device / Aerospace / Safety Systems / Power Control and Backup (Data Centers) / Power Generation / Alternative Energy / Automotive / Instrumentation and Measurement / Process / Manufacturing Control / Heavy Equipment and Medical Imaging

Why OEM Electronics Clients Choose RBB

Peace of mind and risk mitigation are just the beginning. Our ability to efficiently manufacture and test recurring short run batches shows that we have the custom processes and extensive knowledge base that traditional contract manufacturers just don’t have—making us the experts to turn to if you need many assemblies in small quantities. We are your premier printed circuit board assembly manufacturer. RBB exclusively serves clients with large portfolios of small batches, so we can meet your needs quickly and effectively, saving you time, money, and headaches. You get all of this plus exceptional customer service and sales teams that work with you as if they’re extensions of your own team—your short run electronic assemblies are as important to us as they are to you. We work with all types of circuit boards and offer batch PCB assembly services.