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Let us handle the hassles and headaches of PCBA sourcing for you.

As a PCB and control panel assembler, our turnkey services offer everything you need for your electronic board assembly requirements. Our custom circuit board assembly services include:

  • Sourcing
  • Purchasing
  • Management of all component materials

A Turnkey Electronics Assembly Company

We eliminate all of your sourcing hassles and headaches in electronic assembly—freeing up your team to focus on your company’s highest priorities.

  • Component engineers who research and verify your bill of materials (BOM) and Gerber files for PCB board assembly, ensuring manufacturability
  • Better component pricing (a result of our large annual spend)
  • Your own buyer (one part of your three-person client-centric team) who gets to know your components, quickly alerts you to supply disruptions and suggests part substitutions that deliver cost and availability advantages (subject to your approval)
  • A proven engineering change order (ECO) process to oversee your design and BOM changes
  • Professional management of both purchased and consigned parts, as needed

These benefits strengthen your bottom line in electronic assembly and give you peace of mind—because we become fully responsible for the parts, assembly, and test processes in circuit board manufacturing.

RBB: The PCB Assembly Manufacturer of Choice 

Whether you require our turnkey or labor-only services for printed circuit board assembly or control panel manufacturing, you can rely on our responsiveness, dedication to quality, technical support, and highly specialized capabilities to deliver consistent, repeatable, and reliable results. Once an order is released to production, it’s processed efficiently with the same priority and rigor as all of our PCBA jobs.


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Don't see what you're looking for in turnkey circuit board assembly services? Contact us to explore more options in electronic board assembly and PCB manufacturing.