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  1. You have a complex, recurring assembly need.
    Our unique, strategic approach eliminates all the major problems you run into working with other manufacturers:
    • Never worry about minimum order sizes. Ever.
    • Last-time buys—not a phrase in our vocabulary.
    • Required forecasts? No such thing.
    • Limited number of products and SKUs? Nope, not at RBB—in fact, the larger your product portfolio, the better.
  2. You don’t have extra cash or room for excess inventory.
    Purchase only what you need, and we handle the rest. Again, never worry about minimum order sizes.
  3. You need your electronic assemblies fast.
    Our entire facility is optimized to handle jobs of varying sizes, which means we can expedite your job as needed, shortening your lead time to market. We deliver on time—all the time.
  4. You need to launch a brand-new product line.
    Our expertise extends far beyond legacy products. We skillfully provide comprehensive solutions that help you establish brand-new product lines.
  5. You need a partner who’s completely transparent.
    We’re stewards of your assembly—never worry about getting product updates that aren’t 100% accurate and honest. We always mean what we say and say what we mean.
  6. You need a PCBA partner with a proven track record of excellent customer service.
    We’re not happy unless you’re happy, so we’ve developed unique processes that guarantee your happiness. Clients receive hands-on customer service via their own three-person client-centric RBB team.
  7. You have a need and are highly averse to risks.
    You get what you need when you need it. When you choose RBB, you can sit back and relax because your client-centric team has all bases covered.
  8. Your assemblies must always be delivered error-free.
    Trust our stringent quality assurance processes, engineering oversight, and quarterly quality reviews to eradicate any potential errors.
  9. You need to save on your printed circuit board costs.
    Rely on us from beginning to end: Our guidance, expertise, and proven on-time delivery save you money.
  10. You need superior product quality.
    When everything RBB delivers comes together, this is the result.

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