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Having a team of dedicated resources means each of your product lines will be delivered with consistency by experts who know your products and understand your needs. This unique approach to customer service:

  • Reduces or eliminates errors and risks
  • Delivers faster quote turnaround
  • Speeds up time to market
  • Promotes complete transparency, customer service excellence, and a team approach to problem-solving
  • Ensures continuity and awareness of the most minute details
  • Lowers your total cost

And, most importantly, relieves headaches caused by needless hassle or unexpected surprises. Just like their name suggests, our client-centric teams (CCTs) were developed with our clients in mind. From the first time we quote a custom circuit board assembly, your company gets a CCT that you can count on to make your projects successful.

Each CCT consists of:

  • A client liaison who coordinates the communication of all quotes, orders, and other business.
  • A buyer who understands, sources, and purchases your materials, and who personally assists you with obsolescence and other availability concerns.
  • An engineer who understands your assemblies, resolves technical matters, and works with your internal team so that assembly and test instructions are crystal clear.

Within RBB, CCT team members function as a single unit, and leverage each other to serve your electronic assembly manufacturing needs—keeping your projects flowing smoothly through the shop. Your CCT is truly an extension of your company inside RBB.

RBB’s overall mission is “to move heaven and earth to get our clients what they need, when they need it.”

It all starts with our CCT approach.

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