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Your PCB Assembly Partner

At RBB, we understand the complexities and challenges of electronic board assembly. We specialize in recurring high-mix assemblies, ensuring that your PCB board assembly product lines are not just managed but excel in performance and quality.

In the realm of circuit board manufacturing, some circuit board assemblies present unique challenges to OEMs, often leading to high costs and inventory issues. RBB is uniquely equipped to alleviate these challenges. Our expertise in PCB board and custom PCB solutions means we can support your expansion and customization needs with ease.

Whether your custom circuit board assembly has a short or long lifecycle or requires infrequent or frequent production over many years, we treat each project with the utmost importance. Our operation is optimized for maximum flow, accommodating all-size jobs, which gives us an edge over competitors who might struggle with varying batch sizes. We offer competitive pricing, customized production, no order minimums, and handle last-time buys efficiently.

Our facility is designed to handle pull-ins, push-outs, and surprise rushes effortlessly, thanks to our flexible approach to PCB board assembly. Where others see challenges, we see opportunities to showcase our expertise in electronic assembly. It’s our bread and butter.

We Speak Your Language in Electronic Assembly

If you've been working with other contract manufacturers who prioritize larger job sizes and simpler product lines, it's time to switch to RBB. We are the electronics partner who truly understands and speaks your electronic assembly language.



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