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With other contract manufacturers, they’ll promise “from idea to installation” or some variation thereof. Not RBB. Our expertise lies in transforming your completed designs, including BOMs and Gerber files, into high-quality PCB assemblies on demand, tailored to your specific needs. We’ll create as many designs as needed, whether you know your usage patterns or not.

At RBB, Every Client is a Valued Client in Electronic Board Services

RBB genuinely values each client, whether you need a large run, a prototype, a new product, or support for a critical legacy system. Unlike other electronic contract manufacturers, we're committed to delivering your electronic assembly projects on time and within budget, regardless of the volume.

Efficiencies and Cost Savings in PCB Board Assemblies

At RBB, our value is more than competitive pricing. There are many hidden benefits that will save you money on your electronic board manufacturing over time. RBB’s exclusive focus is on providing substantial savings and efficient electronic assembly manufacturing. Here’s how:

  • No Minimum Order Quantities: Only purchase what you need, with no minimum order constraints.
  • Reduced Safety Stock: We manage over 150 unique SKUs, minimizing the need for extensive safety stock and ensuring quick production turnaround.
  • Agile Market Response: Upgrade your designs swiftly to capture market opportunities. Our flexibility in creating boards for your core business, legacy work, and new circuit boards sets us apart.
  • Competitive Costs: Benefit from our lean manufacturing approach, designed to reduce your overall costs in electronic board manufacturing.
  • Lower Overhead: Free yourself from the constraints of traditional contract manufacturers. We prioritize jobs of all sizes, ensuring your PCB board assembly needs are met efficiently.

If you manage a large portfolio of devices that require recurring PCB assembly orders, RBB is the trusted partner. Read more about our proven process by clicking the link below.

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