RBB was founded in 1973 in Shreve, Ohio, as an industrial engineering services firm. For many years, our engineers designed, assembled, and installed control systems for OEMs and other manufacturing environments. Later, we expanded to include printed circuit board design and assembly.

By matching our services to the needs of our clients, we continued to add capabilities throughout the following decades. While other contract manufacturers (CMs) pursued high-volume opportunities, RBB learned to say “yes” to virtually every type of design and assembly in the industry, eventually becoming the supplier of choice for mission-critical applications. We became the experts of frequent revisions, unpredictable demand requirements, and delivering the highest-quality products.

In 2007, we spotted a new, unique role for the company in an underserved part of the market: small batches. RBB was already well known for this type of work, but we also ran large batches whenever we could. It was decision time. Rather than become known as a “me too” CM, we took the leap and fully dedicated ourselves to the needs of buyers with large portfolios of recurring small batches. In response to a growing market need for our expertise, RBB exclusively dedicated itself to small batch production.

Backed by nearly a half-century of experience servicing thousands of mission-critical circuit boards, box builds, and control panels, RBB is now laser focused on expertly delivering recurring small batches of these assemblies at every stage of the product lifecycle. Our unique approach has been perfected over the years to lower costs and ensure superior service.

Committed to the Success of Our Contract Manufacturing Community

We consider other CMs to be our colleagues, not our competitors. In fact, some of our best clients are other CMs. Large batch CMs work with RBB in four ways:

  • They refer unprofitable, small batch assembly clients to RBB. This beats the reputation-damaging “hit the road” speech.
  • They subcontract an OEM’s recurring small batch work (with permission) to RBB.
  • They use RBB as a capacity relief valve for small-volume work when their schedule gets tight—by sending us the drawings, a kit, and a deadline.
  • RBB readily refers business to large batch CMs as it grows into higher-volume needs.

A Culture of Transparency

RBB employees enjoy a warm and inviting work atmosphere where teamwork and trust aren’t just platitudes. We foster a culture of transparency , fully sharing our profitability numbers so that every team member becomes a business professional directly able to affect his or her profit-sharing checks. Every day, the actions of our team members are driven by a set of behaviors they’re committed to upholding.

Finally, while we welcome employees and clients from all walks of life, RBB recognizes that it’s it is only through our Lord Jesus Christ that we have the privilege to operate this business. We do so in His name.

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