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Niche expertise isn’t developed overnight. It took us nearly half a century to craft owww.rbbsystems.comhubfsPXL_20220113_190636150.PORTRAITurs and become a team with unparalleled expertise and execution in electronic assembly manufacturing.

Since our founding in 1973, we’ve serviced thousands of mission-critical circuit boards, box builds, and control panels—experience that has helped us create our unique approach to electronic assembly manufacturing, which has been proven to lower client costs and ensure we provide superior service.

Simply put, there are so many reasons to partner with RBB.

A Business Rooted in Dedication and Trust

Laser-focused expertise would be good enough on its own, but we think our clients deserve more. We’re not just another vendor. We believe that truly successful business relationships are dependent on dedication and trust, two attributes that inform every decision we make.

What does that look like? In addition to delivering recurring electronic assemblies at every stage of a product lifecycle, we offer clients the flexibility and partnership they need to meet their deadlines and achieve their goals.

But don’t take our word for it. We consistently impress clients from a wide range of industries who want to talk about how we help set them up for success.

“I have told [others] of your outstanding technical capabilities as well as your dedication to your customers—and that you’re super people to work with!”

- Dave Puterbaugh, Analog Interfaces

Backed by Compliance, Adherence, and Associations

When clients need superior PCB assembly quality, they rely on RBB. Why? We believe in stringent compliance and maintaining strong relationships with industry-defining associations. Adhering to best practices and learning from the best in the industry only makes us stronger.

Compliance Badges

How We Got Here

RBB was established in 1973 as an industrial engineering services firm. For many years, our engineers designed, assembled, and installed control systems for OEMs and other manufacturing environments. Later, we expanded to become a printed circuit board manufacturer.

We continued to add capabilities throughout the following decades, matching our services to our clients’ needs. While other contract manufacturers (CMs) pursued high-volume opportunities, RBB learned to say “yes” to virtually every type of design and assembly in the industry, eventually becoming the supplier of choice for mission-critical applications.

Ultimately, we became the experts in frequent revisions, unpredictable demand requirements, and delivering the highest quality products.

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