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Our Core Custom Circuit Board Assembly Equipment List

At RBB, we're equipped to meet the diverse and recurring needs of the PCB assembly and circuit board manufacturing marketplace. Our blend of advanced equipment and technical expertise sets us apart in the field of electronic assembly manufacturing.

Advanced Equipment for Every Electronic Assembly Challenge

Our comprehensive equipment list is tailored to the dynamic nature of electronic assembly manufacturing, particularly in managing the varied demands of clients who collectively require over 1,000 unique electronic assemblies. This includes specialized equipment for both circuit board manufacturing and industrial control panel assembly, ensuring flexibility and consistently high-quality results.

Whether it's a custom PCB, a complex control PCB board, or a standard assembly circuit board, our equipment is designed to handle it all. This versatility allows us to swiftly respond to client orders, efficiently manage sudden increases in workload, and maintain our commitment to quality and punctuality across all job sizes.

Reliability and Precision in Every Job

Our focus is on delivering every PCB board assembly and control panel with precision and accuracy. We understand the importance of getting it right every time, and our state-of-the-art equipment plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. With RBB, you can be confident that your electronic assemblies will be delivered on time, every time, regardless of the complexity or scale of the project.

Our Core Custom Circuit Board Assembly Equipment List

  • Mycronic MY200-SX14 Pick & Place with conveyorized infeed/outfeed
  • Mycronic MY15 Pick & Place
  • Panasonic AV132 Axial Insertion with automatic PCB registration
  • MatriX-FocalSpot Verifier-90pro X-Ray Inspection System
  • Specialty Coating Systems PrecisionCoat V Spray Coating and Dispense System
  • Mirtec Automated Optical Inspection System
  • Pillarhouse Automated Selective Soldering Machines (RoHS & Lead) Jade MKII
  • Ekra X4 Stencil Printer with 2D Paste Inspection
  • Pyramax 125A Reflow Oven
  • Vitronic Soltec XPM2 820 Reflow Oven (RoHS)
  • Vitronic Soltec Delta Wave Solder 6622 (RoHS)
  • Electrovert VectraES Wave for Lead Process

  • Electrovert Aquastorm 100 Deionized Aqueous In-line Cleaner
  • Agilent 3070 In-Circuit Tester
  • Cincinnati Sub-Zero Walk-In Environmental Chamber Series WM
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