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Comprehensive Electronic Assembly Manufacturing Services: Your Partner in Meeting Every Standard

Depend on our comprehensive and ever-expanding array of electronics assembly services to meet every standard in electronic assembly manufacturing.

Diverse Electronic Assembly Services for Every Need

Annually, we produce between 800 and 1,000 unique electronic assemblies, with about 25% being new to the market or our operation. This extensive experience is why we understand your electronic board assembly needs better than anyone else. Contact us to discover which combination of our services will best suit your specific PCBA requirements.

Innovative Solutions for Comprehensive Electronic Assembly

Whether your project involves simple or complex assemblies, our electronic assembly services cover a wide range of needs:

  • Assembly to IPC-610 Class II standards for electronic board assembly.
  • Surface mount and thru-hole components in any combination.
  • Expertise in ball grid arrays, micro BGAs, and 0201 placements.
  • Efficiency-focused printed circuit board panelization.
  • Wiring and cable harnesses for comprehensive electronics assembly.
  • Full-box builds and custom control panels.
  • RoHS compliant and non-RoHS electronic assemblies.
  • Standard ESD packaging for all electronics assembly services.
  • RoHS compliant and non-RoHS assemblies
  • Standard ESD packaging
  • Formal launch/kickoff and review/postmortem processes.
  • Rigorous engineering change order process.
  • Rigorous engineering change order process
  • Management of client residual inventory.
  • Supply chain/inventory planning/Kanban for seamless electronics assembly.

Our optional services further enhance our electronic assembly services, including:

  • Assembly to IPC-610 Class III standards.
  • Equipment programming for surface mount and automated optical inspection.
  • Special and certified testing, including UL, for electronic board assembly.
  • X-ray and environmental chamber testing.
  • Limited machining of parts and loading/programming of integrated circuits.
  • Conformal coating (manual and automated) for durable electronics assembly.
  • Custom potting/encapsulation and product upgrades.
  • Full-service repairs and client-specified packaging.
  • Custom labeling and writing of assembly and test procedures.
  • Conversion to RoHS compliance support and labor-only production.
  • Design/assembly of functional test fixtures.
  • Management of client-supplied inventory.

Certifications for Quality Assurance in Electronic Assembly

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If you haven't found what you're looking for, contact us to explore more options in our comprehensive electronics assembly services.