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Legacy Support for Circuit Boards and Industrial Control Panels

Choosing RBB means you'll never have to phase out a product that your customers rely on. Whether you have tens, hundreds, or thousands of legacy circuit boards or industrial control panels performing reliably in the field, we're here to ensure they continue to uphold your reputation. Even for custom PCBAs with components no longer sold or supported, RBB is your steadfast support system.

Our team, including estimators, component engineers, buyers, and technicians, is dedicated to legacy products. We meticulously examine old, red-lined, coffee-stained drawings because understanding and preserving the legacy of circuit boards and industrial control panels is part of our commitment. With our thorough research and prepared documentation, we ensure that every legacy project receives the same high priority as our other custom jobs.

Flexible PCBA Support Without Minimum Order Requirements

Need just one spare unit? No problem. At RBB, we understand the unique demands of maintaining legacy systems. That's why we have no minimum batch PCBA order requirements or last-time buys. Our commitment is to support your legacy circuit boards and control panels for as long as you need them. This flexible, no-strings-attached approach allows you to extend the life cycle of your mature systems while we assist in launching your next-generation devices.

Interested in learning more about how RBB can support your legacy circuit boards and industrial control panels? Contact us today and discover the benefits of partnering with RBB for all your electronic assembly needs.

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