On any other contract manufacturer’s website, you’ll find “from idea to installation” or some variation thereof. Not RBB. We are masters of one thing — building and testing small batches of electronic assemblies — and we do it better than anyone. We take your completed designs (BOMs, Gerber files, etc.) and we build and test your small batches on demand. We’ll do as many different designs as needed, whether you know your usage patterns or not.

Some Key Stats:

  • We manage approximately 1,000 unique client assemblies annually

  • 90% of our jobs are for 100 units or less

  • 80% are for 50 units or less

  • Our average job size is 35 units

How many times have you been told by your electronic contract manufacturer that your recurring small batch work is critically important, only to discover later – when larger volumes don’t materialize – that they are unable or unwilling to support your needs? Whether it’s a prototype, a new product, a second-tier product line, a mature low-volume product, or a critical legacy system, if it’s needed in a small batch, RBB will move heaven and earth to get it to you.

Our clients rarely enjoy large-scale savings on materials, but RBB’s laser focus allows you to:

  • Purchase no more than what you really need; minimum order quantities never apply.

  • Minimize or eliminate costly safety stock. We build more than 150 unique SKUs for many of our clients and they carry only nominal safety stock. There is always room in our scheduling system for a quick small batch of anything.

  • Capture more market opportunities by upgrading designs on the fly. Without a stockpile of pre-made assemblies, you can flex with the market much easier. Old models can be made as easily as new ones.

  • Enjoy competitive unit cost. Our unique LEAN manufacturing continues to drive costs down.

  • Save on overhead by avoiding the small batch hoops set up by your current CM.

If you manage a large portfolio of devices and they’re consumed in recurring small batches, RBB is the partner you’ve always wanted.

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