With RBB’s Labor-Only assembly option, you provide the parts and we take it from there. When your assemblies are ready, we return any unused parts. Simple.

Labor-Only is a great choice if you have your own electronics and control panels that you must source and purchase anyway.

RBB keeps prices down by not imposing add-on services you don’t need. Upon arrival at RBB, your parts kit will be audited against your packing list for quantity shipped, quality and identification.

What Works Best

Vastly improve the chances of success on the first run of any assembly by following these simple guidelines:

1. Your Bill of Materials (BOM) should include:

  • Your part numbers (+ Mfg. part numbers if handy)
  • Quantity per unit
  • Reference designators
  • Part descriptions
  • Package type
  • Do Not Populates

2. For SMT parts:

  • Reeled components or continuous cut tape with leaders, if possible
  • At least 20 pieces or 5% extra on Passives (Resistors/Caps), whichever is greater
  • At least five pieces or 2% extra on Actives (ICs), whichever is greater
  • One to two extra pieces on larger parts
  • Trays or tube packaging as required

3. Original packaging and ESD protection is preferred

4. Loose SMT components (requiring hand-placement) should be identified

5. Label packaging with the same part numbers indicated on your BOM

6. Reference part substitutions used

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