RBB absorbs more than four new electronic assemblies every week on average. This requires robust and rigorous processes. Products made in recurring small batches frequently require extra care and attention, whether they are early, mature or legacy systems. RBB supports your devices as if they were ours. We scrutinize your documents to ensure you get a manufacturable, high-quality product that works.

Available Review Services

  • Engineering and assembly documents
  • Testing requirements and fixtures
  • Internal vs. manufacturer part number identification on the BOM
  • Supporting the conversion to RoHS compliance
  • Part substitution recommendations to improve price and availability
  • Identification of long lead-time parts and supplier minimums and multiples
  • Annual demand, stability/predictability, production batch sizes

Ongoing low volume electronic manufacturing and assembly is a completely different animal than high volume work. Frequent product changes, unpredictable demand, rare components, urgent prototypes and problematic legacy support are all par for this course. Choose a partner that has optimized itself exclusively for this kind of work.

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