RBB produces 800-1,000 unique electronic assemblies every year. Typically 25% of these are new to the market or our operation; that’s a lot of churn. And it is a big reason why we are known as The Small Batch Experts.

Built-In Services

  • Simple or Complex assemblies
  • Assemble to IPC-610 Class II
  • Surface Mount and Thru-Hole components in any combination
  • Ball Grid Arrays, Micro BGAs, and 0201 placements
  • Recommended printed circuit board Panelization for efficiency
  • Wiring & Cable Harnesses
  • Full Box Builds
  • Custom Control Panels
  • RoHS Compliant and non-RoHS assemblies
  • Standard ESD Packaging
  • Formal Launch/Kickoff process
  • Formal Review/Post Mortem process
  • Rigorous Engineering Change Order process
  • Management of Client Residual Inventory
  • Supply Chain / Inventory Planning / Kanban

Optional Services

  • Assemble to IPC-610 Class III
  • Program the equipment (Surface Mount, Automated Optical Inspection, etc.)
  • Special and certified testing (including UL, etc.)
  • X-Ray
  • Environmental Chamber Testing
  • Limited Machining of parts
  • Loading/Programming of Integrated Circuits
  • Conformal Coating (manual and automated)
  • Custom Potting/Encapsulation
  • Product upgrades
  • Full service repair
  • Client Specified Packaging
  • Custom Labeling
  • Writing of Assembly and Test Procedures
  • Conversion to RoHS compliance
  • Labor-Only Production
  • Design/Assembly of Functional Test Fixtures
  • Management of Client-Supplied Inventory

Other Relevant Info

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