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Bell Signals Start of Partnership

Posted by Brian Porter on Thu, Feb 7, 2019 @ 14:02 PM

At RBB, we aren’t afraid to ring our own bell. But when we do, it isn’t all about us. We have a loud, antique bell in our sales office –  and we ring it every time a new client joins the RBB family. Yes, the ringing of the bell is about internal celebration and recognition of the efforts of the entire RBB team, but it means so much more.

Video Caption: Client Liaison Patty Armstrong and Director of Sales and Business  Development Brian Porter ring the bell to start the journey with a new client.

The sound of the bell signifies the beginning of a relationship. RBB’s culture is different. We work with a client at every step of the process. Our client-centric teams work together from quote through shipping, and beyond. The bell reminds us of this. It’s like a starting bell, where we start the journey with each client. It is in appreciation of our clients and the work of all team members.

The bell is a call to action, activating our core values and ensuring that we meet our mission: “We exist to move heaven and earth to get our small batch clients what they need when they need it.”

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