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RBB Letter to Clients

This weekend, Ohio’s governor issued a “Stay-In-Place” order, shutting down all non-essential businesses. RBB is not included on this list. Many of our clients are in the medical, power management, and emergency response industries, so RBB will remain open to serve our clients’ needs.

RBB Team Lives Core Values Every Day

Core Values

It's crunch time for all of us in this time of national emergency. It's at a time like this that we see what we are really made of. RBB is built on our Core Values (CV). They are the hallmarks of everyone at RBB, our DNA. We recognize fellow members of the RBB family because each of us lives the CV’s on a daily basis. Our team continues to swarm to get our clients what they need when they need it. It's the RBB way, and we're grateful to be still allowed to do it.

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