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Why update your logo?

RBB has had several company logos since our founding 43 years ago and each one has been a variation on the original concept. Here are just a few:

Throwback Thursday: The West Penn SMTA Expo and Tech Forum

Can't stop, won't stop! We've been pretty active at different expos and trade shows this year and have even written a few blogs about how they're a great opportunity to not only meet fellow electronic manufacturing, engineering and supplier attendees but also to learn about relevant trends and issues going on in the world of electronics.

My Top 3 Online Electronics Manufacturing Resources

I’ll be the first to admit, that growing up I had zero interest in the electronics manufacturing industry. In my defense, my father became President of RBB in the early 2000s, which was also smack dab in the center of my high school years. Most likely the only types of electronics I was interested in back then were my curling iron and cell phone. But alas, many years have passed since those days and with a couple of business and marketing degrees under my belt... combined with an appreciation for unique businesses that do big things, here I am blogging for RBB.

Electronic Manufacturers: It's Time to Start Blogging!

Electronics Manufacturing and Blogging

Seems like an unlikely duo. And I get it, who has the time to “blog” when there are circuit boards to be assembled, prototypes to be designed, and quotes to be prepared. It’s a common thought held by many and even once held by our CEO and President. 

How Electronic Manufacturers Should Tackle Digital Marketing

Last week I wrote a blog regarding analytics and why electronic manufacturing companies should be using them. I had recently attended a class called “Deep Dive into Marketing Analytics” and was hooked. Then, just a week or two later, Apple Inc. purchased a social media analytics company called Topsy, making me feel even cooler. I mean, if Apple thinks something is a big deal…it probably is. All jokes aside though, analytics really are something every electronic manufacturing company should be thinking about.

How to Start Analyzing Your Electronic Manufacturing Company

This morning I woke up thinking about analytics. Sounds odd, I know. But, while doing my morning current events browsing, I read that the tech company of all tech companies (Apple) acquired Topsy Labs, a social media analytics company. Apple, an electronic manufacturing company known for its innovative new products, is on to something again. This time it’s not a new iPhone or iPad. Nope, this time it’s analytics.

Two Digital Tips For Your Electronic Manufacturing Company

I love attending professional development conferences. I really do. I love the change of scenery for a few days, the networking, the enthusiasm, the free food, (c’mon, I know I can’t be the only one) and last but not least: the knowledge waiting to be learned and implemented. It’s always fascinating to see what other companies are doing to market themselves and gain new customers.

5 Reasons Our Electronic Assemblies Company Likes Trade Shows

Since working in Market Development at RBB, I have been a part of implementing our company's digital marketing plans. Through these online efforts we manage leads, connect with prospects, and develop relationships, while also nurturing and interacting with current customers. All of this is by way of website offers, blog interaction, Facebook updates, tweeting, creating YouTube videos and participating in LinkedIn conversations. Pretty crazy!

Digitally Market Your Electronics Manufacturing Company

Recently, I came across the article "Social Media- Finally Ready for Electronics Manufacturing?" The post was written by Beth Dickinson, a Marketing Consultant for the company TFI, which provides strategic advice and market insights to clients worldwide. The blog post posed the question: What does social media have to offer component distributors, solder-paste makers, and contract manufacturers?

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