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Choosing the Right Assembly Manufacturer: Key Factors to Consider

Understanding Your Project’s Requirements

Selecting the proper printed circuit board assembly or industrial control panel assembly manufacturer is crucial for the success of your project. The first step is to understand your project’s specifications thoroughly.  Consider factors such as the following:

  • The complexity of your circuit board or control panel design
  • The volume of production
  • Specialized features or functionalities needed
  • The relationship you expect from your supplier

By defining your project requirements, you can effectively evaluate potential assembly manufacturers and find one that meets your needs.

Extending the Life of Moisture-Sensitive Electronic Components

They go together like oil & water, fire & ice, electronics & moisture. Some things just don’t pair well. In this time when electronic components are hard to find, we need to protect the parts we have. All electronic components have a certain level of sensitivity to moisture- some more than others. RBB is working hard to source, store, and protect your PCB assembly and components through all stages of the assembly process. By protecting your assembly from moisture, and watching for moisture issues, we are making sure your mission-critical assemblies are ready to work for you.

Yes, Quality Matters! What Makes RBB A High-Quality Manufacturer?

Whether you are shopping for a new car, a pair of shoes, or a contract manufacturer, the quality of the item or service matters. Where you spend your money is important and the product you receive should be worth what you pay for! Most companies, brands, or products say they hold high standards and good quality, but do they? There is inherent skepticism when a company claims to have “high-quality,” since that value can be characterized and defined in different ways.

But at RBB, our first-rate service and products are something we are proud of, and we can prove it!

Gerber Files, BOM, and a PCBA, Oh My! Is Your Assembly Ready to Quote?

What do a baby food brand, an explosive device, and a pre-quote checklist all have in common? While this sounds like the start of a bad joke or a questionable Google search, these are just three ingredients for a successful printed circuit board assembly proposal. You may be asked to provide the Gerber Files, BOM, and specific project details when requesting a quote from RBB for your PCB project.

The Gerber Files and BOM (Bill of Materials) need to be reviewed for a PCBA to be quoted. The Pre-Quote Checklist is a convenient resource created by the team at RBB to simplify the quoting process.

Scrap Factor: What Is It and Why Do We Need It?

Anyone working in the electronic manufacturing industry needs to account for sufficient scrap factor when preparing for production of a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA).

So, what is scrap factor and why is everyone so worried about it?

Why should I care?

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