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Why update your logo?

Posted by Bruce Hendrick on Tue, Sep 27, 2016 @ 06:09 AM

RBB has had several company logos since our founding 43 years ago and each one has been a variation on the original concept. Here are just a few:

RBB logos

RBB Logo

I joined the company in 2000 and led us through a major strategic change in 2008, where we began to focus exclusively on assembling recurring small batches of custom electronic devices. We considered updating our logo at that time but in the interest of assuring our clients of our stability, we shelved the idea.

In the time since, as RBB perfected our ability to deliver on the promise of this exciting concept, I became convinced that our trusted old logo simply did not capture the vibrant, revitalized energy of today’s RBB. In short, the logo had served us well but no longer represented our brand. It needed to go.

Building Trust, LLCOkay so now what?

Fortunately a few years ago I worked with my daughter Kara’s freelance marketing company to create a logo for my other business, Building Trust, LLC.

I learned that today’s online design method differs greatly from the traditional process I encountered at previous employers – which was labor-intensive, costly, and slow. Not now. Today’s web-based practices can be quick, painless, and inexpensive. And it engages a lot more design talent (one example can be found here). Note: I do recommend that you work with an experienced marketing advisor to help sort through the many submissions you will receive.

Thus freed from intimidation, we set to work.

Capturing the essence of our brand

Strength, boldness, flexibility, connectivity, customer service, helping hands, dependability, integrated, modern, conservative, dynamic, and speed. This is RBB.

Boiling down all the complexities of the business and our people into the very core of who we are is easier said than done, but it’s the fun part! Short-cutting this process will still get you a shiny new logo, but it won’t work for the business – because it’ll be like wearing a costume. Authenticity is paramount.

Plus, words like the above are pure gold to the online designers who will be making submissions to your team. Without this kind of direction, the designers have little to go on.

Every sales prospect, client, and community member encounters your company’s logo first and often. If it doesn’t capture attention while boldly projecting who you are today, I encourage you to consider a fresh one!

Bruce HendrickBruce Hendrick
President & CEO

Topics: Marketing for Manufacturing

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