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Seo Conrad

Recent Posts

A Day in the Life of a Surface Mount Technician

Working as a technician in the SMT Department at RBB Systems has definitely been an interesting experience, since it’s the work center where our production really begins. Two major pieces of manufacturing equipment; the Mydata MY15 and TP-9, do the machine placement (known as “pick and place”) of small surface-mounted electronic components. These machines “pick” each individual component from a reel in a magazine and “place” it onto a bare circuit board. Proper programming of the machines plays an important role in performance and quality. Trained operators populate the boards by utilizing certifications earned, including J-STD-001, IPC-A-610, IPC 7711/7721, and others. Training is provided by both the equipment manufacturers and by our experienced mechanical engineers.

How We Increase Efficiency To Produce Our Custom Circuit Boards

What does efficiency mean? I asked myself this question and came back with another: “Why when the company asked ME to write an article, did I decide to write about efficiency?” I started by asking my fiancé what his definition of efficiency is. 

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