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RBB Systems Represents at Manufacturing Day 2015 in Wooster, Ohio

Posted by Bruce Hendrick on Thu, Oct 8, 2015 @ 13:10 PM

Connecting Students with Future Careers in Manufacturing

Manufacturing DayAbout Manufacturing Day

On Friday, October 2nd, Wayne County held their second annual Manufacturing Day. A panel of manufacturing employees from the area who have found success within their careers spoke with high school students to provide further knowledge and insights into the industry and where it’s going in the years to come.

Among these speakers, President and CEO of RBB Systems, Bruce Hendrick, shared his experiences with the students.


The Opportunity for Students

Hendrick talked about the large opportunity we all have today: to break the stereotype many people have about manufacturing since they really don’t know what the industry is all about. “These facilities are usually located in big buildings, which makes it challenging for people to know what’s happening inside of them. Today is our chance to get a peek under the tent.”

With manufacturing on the rise, why not understand the process behind how every product is made in this world? “Manufacturing is important because it keeps our society running. The products we use each and every day are built by companies that work together to create that output.”


RBB Systems

RBB Systems specializes in on-demand assembly and manufacturing of mission-critical electronic assemblies for the industrial, commercial, medical, and military sectors. By embracing recurring small-batch custom assemblies, prototyping and related services, RBB allows clients greater flexibility in meeting fluctuating market demands. That helps reduce wasteful inventory and frees up cash for other uses.

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