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Jeff Fankhauser

Recent Posts

4 Steps to Ensure Proper Handling of New Electronic Assemblies

Most electronic assemblies are inherently designed to not be susceptible to electrostatic discharge (ESD) once in a completed unit.

A new television or cell phone should be designed to withstand potential static discharge in the environment where it is used.

However, until an item is fully assembled there are opportunities for electrical over stress (EOS) that can result in the early failure of your product.

Common Electronic Manufacturing and Engineering Problems Solved

I was asked to write another blog post and at first I really wasn’t sure what to write about. I share my time handling products returned for repair, assisting engineering on quotes, visual aids for production, component identification/substitution and answering questions about component programming and product testing.

How We Resolve Product Issues With Our Circuit Boards

New Product Service Returns at RBB

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