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Optimizing Efficiency: Strategies for Streamlining Circuit Board Assembly

Posted by RBB on Wed, Jun 26, 2024 @ 12:06 PM

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Optimizing efficiency

Circuit board assembly is complex and intricate, demanding precision, accuracy, and meticulous attention to detail. As the demand for circuit board assembly continues to soar, manufacturers face the challenge of delivering high-quality products while simultaneously curbing costs and enhancing efficiency. 

This blog will explore strategies for streamlining circuit board assembly operations and optimizing efficiency while aligning with RBB's core value of "Always Better" and our unwavering commitment to providing maximum customer benefits. 

At RBB, we constantly assess our manufacturing processes and seek ways to enhance each task's efficiency. 

 Automation for Circuit Board Assembly

Automation is a pivotal strategy for driving efficiency in circuit board assembly. Automated systems execute repetitive tasks swiftly and precisely, mitigating the risk of errors or defects. For instance, automated pick-and-place machines vastly expedite and accurately position components on circuit boards, thus diminishing the time and labor typically associated with manual assembly.

RBB has substantially invested in state-of-the-art automated systems to streamline our circuit board assembly operations. Our suite of computerized systems, including pick-and-place, soldering, through hole, and inspection machines, work in unison to optimize efficiency and uphold quality, aligning with our commitment to deliver the best to our clients.

Our recent addition of conveyors to one of our SMT lines is a testament to this commitment. According to RBB Equipment Engineer Dave Thomas, this enhancement reduces manual board handling and increases manufacturing throughput, benefiting our clients.

Process Optimization for Circuit Board Assembly

Process optimization is another critical strategy for improving efficiency in circuit board assembly. By analyzing each assembly process step, manufacturers can identify areas where refinements can be made to reduce waste, increase throughput, and improve quality. For example, optimizing the sequence of assembly steps can reduce the time required for each board to be completed.

At RBB, we use process optimization techniques to ensure that our circuit board assembly operations are as efficient as possible. Through a meticulous analysis of each assembly process step, we strive to pinpoint areas for refinement, aiming to reduce waste, augment throughput, and enhance quality. Our thorough process optimization techniques enable us to produce high-quality circuit boards more efficiently and at a lower cost.

RBB Operations Manager Jeff Schartiger looks for ways to solve bottlenecks in production. We recently added two separate selective solder machines, one lead, and one ROHS, removing a bottleneck in changing solder pots. We also added a new reflow oven, which added capacity and removed a bottleneck in running SMT jobs.

Workflow Management for Circuit Board Assembly

Workflow management is another crucial strategy for improving efficiency in circuit board assembly. Manufacturers can reduce the risk of errors, delays, and bottlenecks by managing the flow of materials and information throughout the assembly process. For example, implementing a just-in-time inventory system can ensure that materials are available when needed, reducing the risk of delays caused by inventory shortages.

At RBB, we use workflow management techniques to ensure that our circuit board assembly operations run smoothly and efficiently. By meticulously managing the flow of materials and information throughout the assembly process, we effectively mitigate the risk of errors, delays, and bottlenecks. We have also looked for improvement throughout the facility. This includes modifying the production area layout to improve the production flow of jobs.

Our employment of workflow management techniques, including just-in-time inventory systems, standard work procedures, and visual management tools, ensures that our circuit board assembly operations run seamlessly and efficiently. This aligns with our commitment to always delivering the best to our clients.

Case Studies for Circuit Board Assembly

Many examples of companies have successfully optimized efficiency in circuit board assembly operations, such as a manufacturer of electronic components who reduced an assembly time by 50% by implementing a lean manufacturing system. The system included process optimization, workflow management, and automation, which helped reduce waste and improve efficiency.

Similarly, implementing these strategies has significantly bolstered our efficiency and productivity at RBB. As a trusted partner of Avtron, an aerospace technology company, RBB has consistently delivered top-notch circuit board products, contributing to substantial cost savings and profits for Avtron.

In recent years, RBB contributed to Avtron's cost savings and profits, accounting for one-third of the savings and more than 11% of Avtron’s profits. This partnership underscores the success of our commitment to always be better and to serve as more than just a circuit board manufacturer but a true business partner. Read more in this case study.

RBB is located in northeast Ohio - an easy drive from Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Detroit.

Client Satisfaction

Lastly, take the time to research the reputation of the assembly manufacturer. Look for customer reviews and recommendations to gain insights into their past performance and customer satisfaction. A manufacturer with a strong reputation and favorable customer feedback will possibly provide you with a reliable and satisfactory experience.

Consider contacting other businesses or industry professionals for recommendations or conducting online research to gather information about the assembly manufacturer’s reputation. By contemplating others' experiences, you can choose a manufacturer with a valid track record of delivering remarkable results.

RBB strives to move heaven and earth to get our clients what they need when they need it. It is our mission statement, but lived out in our daily behavior. Check out feedback from RBB’s clients here to learn more.


Pursuing optimized efficiency in circuit board assembly operations is paramount for manufacturers striving to maintain competitiveness in today's market. Manufacturers can effectively minimize costs, enhance quality, and boost throughput by embracing automation, process optimization, and workflow management. 

At RBB, we remain steadfast in our commitment to employing these strategies to deliver high-quality circuit boards produced with maximum efficiency and at a lower cost, embodying our core value of "Always Better" and consistently providing the best to our clients.

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