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Ryan Gilson

Recent Posts

Developing a Product and Need an Electronic Contract Manufacturer?

I get a lot of phone calls from entrepreneurs and business owners who are developing a product that has some kind of electronic component. They’re often looking for a new partner to produce parts of the product - or even the entire thing - and are sometimes new to navigating the ways of electronic contract manufacturing.

Ohio Valley SMTA Expo: Recap from an Electronic Contract Manufacturer

Last week, RBB had the chance to exhibit at the 2014 Ohio Valley SMTA Expo & Tech Forum in Independence, Ohio. While these expos are always a great time, this year was no exception. In attendance from RBB were:

Can I Use My Own Parts in My Outsourced PCB Assembly?

Once in a while, a customer comes to us with a PCB assembly job where they already have parts on hand wanting to know if we can incorporate these existing parts into their job. The parts may have been purchased because a bulk order was needed to get the one or two pieces for a prototype or maybe the customer used to produce the boards in-house and has a remaining inventory of components. Regardless of the reason, most times, we can incorporate these into the job without issue.

Is Lowest Price The Best Choice When Choosing Contract Manufacturers?

Everywhere we look it seems society as a whole is focused on price. We constantly see this in television advertising, online pop-up ads, or dreaded telemarketers. The tunnel vision focus on price has blinded customers to what they are actually purchasing.

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