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4 Reasons Your Large Portfolio of Small Batches Drives Your CM to its Knees

You’re an OEM with a large annual demand and spending budget, check.

You get lots of attention from big Contract Manufacturers (CMs), check.

You have oodles of unique assemblies to manage, check.

Most of your products are best ordered in small batches, check.

You can’t get no satisfaction, check.

RBB Systems Represents at Manufacturing Day 2015 in Wooster, Ohio

Connecting Students with Future Careers in Manufacturing

About Manufacturing Day

On Friday, October 2nd, Wayne County held their second annual Manufacturing Day. A panel of manufacturing employees from the area who have found success within their careers spoke with high school students to provide further knowledge and insights into the industry and where it’s going in the years to come.

Among these speakers, President and CEO of RBB Systems, Bruce Hendrick, shared his experiences with the students.

RBB President Bruce Hendrick Recognized as one of NEO’s Top Executives

Bruce Hendrick Honored during Smart 50 Award Celebration

RBB President Bruce Hendrick, was honored Wednesday night during a special Smart 50 award celebration held at the Executive Caterers at Landerhaven.

When to Give Functional Testing a Test Drive


The development and building of a circuit board assembly can range from a very simple to a highly complex design.     

At RBB, all boards, regardless of complexity, undergo a full visual inspection of the components as well as a complete check of the step-by-step instructions on the build. We also offer our customers the option for more advanced functional testing.  

Minimizing Residual Inventory

An important part of effective inventory management is monitoring and controlling residual inventory. Residual or “left on the shelf” inventory is the supply of component parts on-hand after the last full-assembly shipment is produced. It is important for a business to be ordering the right amount of parts at the accurate time.    

Who is RBB Systems? Watch our 2015 Quick Summary Video to Find Out

For over 40 years, RBB has existed to move heaven and earth to get our recurring small batch customers what they need, when they need it.

4 Ways to Deliver For Your Customers


In my role as a sales support specialist, I interact with prospects on a daily basis.

Why to Consider Cycle Counting vs. Annual Inventory

Do you spend days counting parts for your annual inventory? Are you shutting down your shop floor for days just to get decent counts? If so, there may be an alternative that will eliminate the need to shut down production and also deliver better results. This alternative is a method known as cycle counting, and whether you’re a global manufacturer or a privately-held company, you may stand to benefit from this process. In fact, we here at RBB, have experienced numerous benefits since we switched to this process and I’m going to explain why. 

Watch our 90 Second Time-Lapse Panel Assembly Build

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