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Business Systems & Really Great Chili: Part 2

Business Systems & Really Great Chili: Part 1

On last Wednesday’s blog, I outlined the similarities between really strong business systems and really great chili. (For those of you who missed the post, find my world famous chili recipe here.) Today, I focus on how to build out really great business system.

Business Systems & Really Great Chili: A 3-Part Series Kick-Off

I don’t have the recipe for “The World’s Best Business System” but I can tell you that there are some similarities between business systems and really great chili.

3 Surefire Ways to Make Your Electronics Assembly Customers Hate You

At RBB, we pride ourselves on being trusted partners to our customers. By building solid customer relationships, we’ve learned the attributes our customers value in an outsourcing partner.

Selecting an ERP Solution for Contract Electronic Manufacturing

Recently, I had the opportunity to present as a panelist at Definity Partners’ event, “Leveraging Technology to Achieve Business Success.” The event centered on using technology to solve your company’s most challenging business issues. Definity Partners is a consulting firm focused on empowering frontline leaders to run their business and driving sustainable and continuous improvements. One of their areas of expertise is ERP systems, which was the focus for their interactive panel discussion. The companies involved in the discussion were at three different stages in the ERP selection process, and each had their own unique business challenges, which gave attendees a broader viewpoint and a better idea of what to expect on their own ERP selection path.

When Recurring Small Batch Assemblies Are All You Do

“Yeah, we do that.” Most electronic contract manufacturers (CM’s) have designed their businesses to say this, regardless of the need. Visit virtually any CM’s website or talk to their salespeople. You will likely encounter:

Developing a Product and Need an Electronic Contract Manufacturer?

I get a lot of phone calls from entrepreneurs and business owners who are developing a product that has some kind of electronic component. They’re often looking for a new partner to produce parts of the product - or even the entire thing - and are sometimes new to navigating the ways of electronic contract manufacturing.

Personality of an Electronic Contract Manufacturer

Probing the Soil

We record the calls that come in through our website’s toll-free number so that we know we are handling them properly. Occasionally a call comes in that gets the CEO’s attention…

Ohio Valley SMTA Expo: Recap from an Electronic Contract Manufacturer

Last week, RBB had the chance to exhibit at the 2014 Ohio Valley SMTA Expo & Tech Forum in Independence, Ohio. While these expos are always a great time, this year was no exception. In attendance from RBB were:

7 Considerations for Your Outsourced Custom Electronics

Embarking on a new outsourced custom electronics project can be full of concerns – and certainly items that you’ll want to have addressed by your outsourcing partner up front. Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer in need of a small batch of custom electronic assemblies for your own product, or a contract manufacturer and want to leverage the volume requirements of an outsourcing partner in order to pass the savings on to your customers, an outsourced relationship is potentially very valuable. As you get started, you’ll want to keep the following seven considerations in mind.

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