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Who is RBB Systems? Watch our 2015 Quick Summary Video to Find Out

For over 40 years, RBB has existed to move heaven and earth to get our recurring small batch customers what they need, when they need it.

Behaviors That Lead to Success in Electronics Manufacturing, Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, we shared RBB’s cultural behaviors that lead to customer, business, and individual success. Every employee is obliged to act according to these standards.

Behaviors That Lead to Success in Electronics Manufacturing, Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we shared the behaviors that we have found leads to customer, business, and individual success in an electronics manufacturing environment. As we mentioned before, every employee, regardless of position or length of service, has an obligation to act according to these standards. 

Behaviors That Lead to Success in Electronics Manufacturing, Part 1

Recently, RBB codified our company behaviors. Every employee, regardless of position or length of service, has an obligation to act according to these standards.

Questions for a Lead Panels Technician in Small Batch Electronics

Selecting an ERP Solution for Contract Electronic Manufacturing

Recently, I had the opportunity to present as a panelist at Definity Partners’ event, “Leveraging Technology to Achieve Business Success.” The event centered on using technology to solve your company’s most challenging business issues. Definity Partners is a consulting firm focused on empowering frontline leaders to run their business and driving sustainable and continuous improvements. One of their areas of expertise is ERP systems, which was the focus for their interactive panel discussion. The companies involved in the discussion were at three different stages in the ERP selection process, and each had their own unique business challenges, which gave attendees a broader viewpoint and a better idea of what to expect on their own ERP selection path.

Common Electronic Manufacturing and Engineering Problems Solved

I was asked to write another blog post and at first I really wasn’t sure what to write about. I share my time handling products returned for repair, assisting engineering on quotes, visual aids for production, component identification/substitution and answering questions about component programming and product testing.

6 Q&A's with an Electronics Manufacturing Selective Soldering Technician

It's always interesting to learn about the different jobs within an electronics manufacturing job shop. By understanding all the roles that exist to ensure our small batch electronics are properly assembled gives an even better look into the exciting world of electronics manufacturing. As a part of my in-depth blog series interviewing those working on the technical side of things, I had a chance to chat with Cathie Johnson, an RBB Selective Soldering Technician.

When Recurring Small Batch Assemblies Are All You Do

“Yeah, we do that.” Most electronic contract manufacturers (CM’s) have designed their businesses to say this, regardless of the need. Visit virtually any CM’s website or talk to their salespeople. You will likely encounter:

Throwback Thursday: The West Penn SMTA Expo and Tech Forum

Can't stop, won't stop! We've been pretty active at different expos and trade shows this year and have even written a few blogs about how they're a great opportunity to not only meet fellow electronic manufacturing, engineering and supplier attendees but also to learn about relevant trends and issues going on in the world of electronics.

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